Modern Office and Retail in Costa del Sol

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San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain



30 Jan 2019


Property Details


1,252 m²

1,252 m²


4.60 %



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Investment Overview

Exclusive office or an excellent investment opportunity in Costa del Sol. Modern high quality commercial (office) and retail space of 1.252 m² filled with air and light and ready to offer you the best. Commercial premises building with a modern approach to design, fascinating tempered glass-façade, attractive architecture and ergonomic forms is perfect for your business with a modern and contemporary corporate environment. Stylish combination of steel and glass, metal finishes, abundance of natural light, functional lighting, marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls, quality elevators - everything creates a cutting-edge aesthetically pleasing modern and elegant commercial workspace. Having a nice view from your office is always a good thing. Rental income: € 17.000 per month Tax on property: € 13.300 per year Community charges: € 1.480 euros per year Maintenance of building: € 12.800 euros per year (incl. insurance)


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